What Is An Eidetic Memory?

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Is an eidetic memory the same thing as a photographic memory?  Yes and no.  The word “eidetic” actually comes from the Greek word ?????, which means Seen.  So, it has to do with what the person sees, and it could be used to describe a photographic memory, but you could actually have an auditory eidetic memory as well as, or in place of, a visual eidetic memory.

You may recall the movie, Rain Man, which starred Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt.  Raymond Babbitt’s character is actually based off of real life gifted man, Kim Peek.  Kim Peek is truly an extraordinary individual, able to read books by burying his face in the book and reading both pages at the same time, all the while committing everything to memory.  Kim actually has an eidetic memory, but his is quite untypical of most.

Due to brain issues Kim had, his brain may have made new connections in order to help itself work.  More on this story…

The goal of most memorization courses is actually to open up new pathways in the brain, much like this, hoping to create a super-highway that the brain can use to recall information much easier.  Learn to recall things easier…


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