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Psych is one of my all time favorite shows, and I had to buy the complete seasons when they were released on DVD.  Unfortunately, some of the bigger stores didn’t pick up the show’s DVD’s right away, due to their lack of popularity.  Now, they’ve built a very loyal fan base, and the show seems to be selling just about everywhere.

Psych is definitely geared toward those of us who were born in the 70′s.  They constantly reference things from our childhood, like Shawn’s Jan Michael Vincent Airwolf jacket, and various musicians that had the big 80′s hits.

Does Shawn Spencer have a photographic memory?

They’ve never come out and said that, and he definitely wasn’t born with it.  As seen in the clip above, his dad was a cop who raised him with the hope that Shawn would also become a cop one day.  His father, Henry Spencer (played by Corbin Bernsen), spent time training Shawn (played by James Roday) to by hyper-observant, but not eidetic.

So the question is:  Can someone be trained to be as hyper-observant as Shawn Spencer in Psych?

Over time, yes, you can train your brain to recall things that you’ve seen.  In fact, there are tons of courses out there that use proven techniques to help you remember what you see.  There’s nothing mystical about it; it’s all about understanding how the brain searches for and retrieves info.  If you want to train yourself to have a near photographic memory, read this article:

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  1. Kathy says:

    Shawn DOES have an eidetic memory, or something close to it; his mother has an eidetic memory so he got the ability to recall a crime scene perfectly from his mother, while his father, a former policeman trained him on what to look for and how to make assumptions and conclusions based on what he sees.


    admin Reply:

    Can you reference an episode to back that up? I’ve never seen anything that revealed that his mother had an eidetic memory.

    Your comment is appreciated.


    sb Reply:

    i believe Season 3 Episode 1 “Ghosts”, she has to evaluate Lassy , she says she eidetic memory, it is never said that its passed to Shawn it could be that would explain how easily he was trained by his father to be hyper observant.


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